Hotel Resources was the first reader board service in the country to offer contact names with our weekly reports.

Most of our major competitors have tried to partner with us because of the quality of our contact information.

Reader Board Service

Listed below are all of the weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that are included in your customized monthly reader board package.   All of these reports are inclusive of your customized package, nothing is an additional cost that is listed.

  • Up to 10 hotels monitored each Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.   Additional days will be read upon request, there is an additional charge for additional days.
  • Individualized reports are designed for each sales & catering manager, depending upon their market set or territory or however their accounts are broken down. (ie, Corporate A-L under 50 people).   Or all groups from NY, DC, Chicago.
  • Hit List Reports are provided on a weekly basis for each sales manager. We take the top 10 accounts per each sales manager and give them a weekly report on all of the activity across the city for each of their key accounts.   The accounts may change as often as you like.
  • Qualified Leads are researched and qualified by experienced telemarketers to assist in locating specific meeting planners for specific meetings. (If we do not succeed the first attempt we will look up additional telephone numbers and contact names free of charge the following week.)
  • Unlimited History Reports are available as often as your staff request them.   This report shows all of the activity on a specific company showing all of their activity in the city for the past 12 months.   These are great to take when meeting with the decision maker or meeting planner, they are impressed that you know that much about their company’s hotel needs.
  • Training is provided to your staff on how to best use our reports.   We will come to your hotel and train your staff on how to understand our reports and how to ask for specific information that will make their jobs easier.  (During a sales staff meeting).
  • Report examples and prices given upon request.
(HR Reader Board Service)

"I love your report!  Much better than what we were using!  I'm really glad we switched to you guys!"

Bruce Johnson
Director, Sales & Marketing

Emerald Pointe Resort
& Conference Center

(HR Reader Board Service)

"Thank you again for your exceptional service in responding to my questions regarding your Hotel Resources report!  As I mentioned when we spoke, you absolutely exceeded my expectations by walking me through how to find the information I was looking for, and I appreciate the information on the products you have available to help us uncover new business opportunities."

"You made it very easy to see why Santa Clara Marriott utilizes your services, and I certainly will continue to endorse your product.  The nice thing is that I don't think that was your intention in assisting me, and that is what made my conversation with you so refreshing.   You were genuinely trying to help."

Christie Gammon
Director, Sales & Marketing

Santa Clara Marriott


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