Hotel Resources will teach sales teams how and where to search for new business opportunities, using Internet search engines and other research methods.

We teach hotels how to mine for data that meets specific criteria, such as market segment, industry, time of year and competitive information on area hotels and other competitive entities.  We can help sales managers uncover leads in every market segment.

Internet Prospecting Training:

"Mining for Virtual Gold"

Wouldn't it be helpful if:

  • The sales team knew when and where virtually every Medical/Pharmaceutical meeting in the world met, along with contact information to help the team get the business?
  • Sales teams had access to Office Building Tenant directories in any city in the United States, so that they knew what business was in their own back yard?
  • Your sales team knew how to access every conference, convention, seminar, tradeshow, and meeting on the Internet and uncover all the groups visiting your competitive hotels or conference centers? This seminar will even teach the team how to uncover contact information, competitive rates for visiting groups, and more.

Hotel Resources’ seminars are custom-designed for each customer.   Not only are they designed with specific needs in mind, the training is interactive, and attendees typically discover valuable information that they can convert to business opportunities once they leave the room.

"Mining for Virtual Gold” Success Stories"

  • Post 9/11 Training – An attending hotel left the seminar with a group lead.   The group had just cancelled its meeting in New York City, and the sales manager booked the $1.5 million piece of business.
  • Major Hotel Chain TrainingHR conducted training for a regional division of one of the world’s largest hotel companies, and during the training, uncovered an additional 45 meeting planners for one of this company’s national accounts.

Internet Prospecting Training

"Corporate Account Development"

Hotel Resources will teach sales teams how and where to search for new business opportunities with corporate accounts or national accounts.

Seminar Structure:   Hotel Resources offers either a Half Day or Full Day Seminar:

Half Day Seminar Full Day Seminar
- 3.5 hours of Classroom Training - 3.5 hours Classroom Training & 3.5 hours Interactive Applications
- Trainer Facilitation with HR Data - Attendee participation with attendee data
- Trainer demonstrates the “How To’s” - Attendees leave having “done it”
- Formal Classroom Training - Group Breakouts with Applications
- Trainer demonstrates how to find leads - Attendees leave with leads
  • Plus travel expenses for a trainer and overnight accommodations
  • Minimum of 5 attendees
  • Maximum of 30 attendees (flexible depending on purpose of the training)
  • Plus training materials at cost

         Prices available upon request

(HR Internet Prospecting Training)

"This class inspired our sales force to dig deeper, try harder and find more revenue opportunities.  It was also a big hit with Directors who now use the information in regular training meetings."

Carolee Ettline
Director, Field Sales

(HR Internet Prospecting Training)

"I cannot thank you enough for taking the time that you did with the websites!!  You are one of those individuals that come along that make it a pleasure to be in this business.  Whenever business/professional relationships can extend beyond those borders to embrace friendship connections along with them, then we can take true pleasure in an endeavor that can tend to take so much time out of our lives.  It is nice to be able have you in that category."

Don DeFeo
Senior Sales Manager

Adam’s Mark - Dallas

(HR Internet Prospecting Training)

"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your presentation.  I have always been a big fan of doing research on the Internet and thanks to your presentation I have even more tools to help me excel.  Thank you again!"

Lynne Bennett
Property Sales Coordinator

Wingate Inn - Phoenix


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