Using the same techniques taught in the “Mining for Virtual Gold” Seminar, Hotel Resources will do all the work for you and report it to you on a weekly basis.

Internet Monthly Research Service

With the HR Internet Research Service, hotels and conference centers can tailor leads to meet their specific criteria.   Leads are researched and contact information verified by our team of telephone qualifiers.   Hotel Resources’ prospecting leads are made up of three different types:

  • Competitor Hotel Leads – Your sales team designates a list of competitors.   These competitors can be within your market or outside your immediate market area.  HR will data mine for past/present/future business within this competitive set.   HR can typically generate between 10-15 leads per week from a competitive set of up to 20 hotels.
  • "TBD" To be Determined – The researchers uncover leads everyday for companies that have not selected a location for their meetings.   By opting to receive TBDs you will have access to open meetings.
  • Feeder MarketHotel Resources will identify meeting contacts from your selected feeder markets.   You may choose to have the leads designated by zip code, city or state.

By mixing and matching these three types of leads, HR provides allows you to tailor your leads to meet your needs.   With four hours of research and telephone verification we will be able to provide you with 20-30 leads each week.

Reports are delivered to the hotel on Monday of each week in HTML format.

Clients include:  Marriott’s, Omni’s, Sheraton’s, Westin’s, Holiday Inn’s, Destination Hotels, Hiltons, InterState Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, and more.

Prices available upon request.

Internet Research Monthly Service Success Stories...

(HR Internet Research)

"We have already booked our first piece of business and we only started this service less than 30 days ago.  I am very impressed with your organization, your quality of leads and all of the hard work your team must do in order to provide these outstanding leads to us each week!  We look forward to a long and successful relationship together for many years to come."

Christopher Sheldon
Director, Sales & Marketing

Springfield Crowne Plaza

(HR Internet Research)

"I wanted to let you know we closed on a contract with the Georgia Manufacturers Association ($62K in room, $35K in F&B) and the lead was a direct result of soliciting a planner we learned about from the Hotel Resource research leads report.  Have a great weekend."

Tripp Hays
Director, Sales & Marketing

The Mills House Hotel


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