HR does everything except go on the sales
calls and we can do that if you'd like.

Organizing Qualified Sales Blitzes

HR will utilize leads we currently have in our database, as well as the leads our clients provide to establish a working database in order for HR to set up qualified appointments.   Once we know the number of teams, number of days per blitz and the number of appointments you wish to make each day, our team starts making the appointments on your behalf.

We need at least 4 weeks out prior to a blitz in order to make it a success.   From our experience, we’ve determined that a successful blitz requires making at least 2,500 calls minimum.   Most of our blitzes we make around 4,000 calls (depending on the market).

HR will provide a Sales Blitz administrator to manage the sales programs each day.   This person will bring all appointments and supporting documentation with them; help with the pre-conf kick off meeting; manage the daily activities; handle any schedule change; and do re-routing as necessary.   At the end of each day, the sales administrator will de-brief each team’s successes and compile information into a summary report to be distributed to everyone the following morning.

Our prices are normally 2%-3% of the revenue generated for your hotel(s).   The cost on the below blitz was $8,000, the client booked $663,390 in room revenue only.

Qualified Sales Blitz Success Stories...

Ottawa Brief Recap of the Call Program Initiative:

  • Over 49 appointments with association and government planners were scheduled.
  • In addition, our tele-prospecting efforts through Hotel Resources uncovered 35 prospects with open leads for meetings and 40 who are interested in additional information.

Actual Results:

  • 41 Solid group leads/ 7371 room nights (2 night average) / $663,390 in room revenue / $ 90 est. ADR.
  • Assumption; leads with multiple meetings, estimated we book 2. Also, a number of groups we did not have rooms or number of nights…these were not included in our totals.
Ray Shepard
Director of Field Marketing
Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

Quotes are available upon request.

(HR Sales Blitzes)

"Debra, the sales mission went great! We had a great response from about 70%.   I am confident that will book two or three pieces of business from he mission.   I would like to talk about doing the Philadelphia area the last week of April.   Let me know if this would be possible.  Thank you."

Lance Rihn
Executive Director

Radisson Hotel
Pittsburgh ExpoMart


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