Using its telemarketing team, its research team and its dynamic database, HR offers a host of special projects to hotels and conference centers, nationally.

HR will conduct original research for its customers using any search criteria.   From competitive research to feeder markets, to competitive markets, we will qualify business to meet your specific needs.

Special Research Qualified Leads Projects

Two of our most popular services are researching competitive leads for competitors.   We offer this in two versions verified leads and qualified open meeting leads.

  • Verified Leads - Working with a given set of competitors, researchers find leads for past, present and future business coming to the properties.   The leads are then forwarded to our verifying team to make sure we provide the most up to date contact information.
  • Qualified Open Meeting Leads - These leads allow your sales team to step in and quickly make the sale by identifying open meetings.   Each of the open leads is pre-qualified to your property.   Detailed meeting requirements are gathered during the contact and the open meetings and their specifications are forwarded to your sales team in an Excel spreadsheet and call sheets.

Special projects range in price from $3,500 $10,000; average price is $5,000.

Qualified Open Meeting Leads - Produce Sales Leads for OPEN meetings

Provide the following information:

Contact Information

Contact Address

Telephone Number

Fax Number(1)


Web site URL

Event Name

Event Date

Competitive Hotel

Hotel Rates(1)

Number of Attendees(1)


Qualifying Questions Yield the Following Information, plus 5 Customized Questions:

OPEN Meetings

When and Where

How Many People will Attend

How Many Meetings Do They Plan?

Would They Consider Your Hotel?

(1)  Supplied if available.

Special Research Project Success Story...

(HR Special Research Leads)

"Ventura has booked $31,395 in definite revenue on their $4,000 investment, and has more than $80,000 in the pipeline after working the leads for 1 month."

Julie Reigle
Vice President - Sales

Remington Hotels

(HR Internet Research)

"We have already booked our first piece of business and we only started this service less than 30 days ago.  I am very impressed with your organization, your quality of leads and all of the hard work your team must do in order to provide these outstanding leads to us each week!  We look forward to a long and successful relationship together for many years to come."

Christopher Sheldon
Director, Sales & Marketing

Springfield Crowne Plaza


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