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Revenue Enhancement (Taskforce Sales)

If your property is short staffed or you simply need more revenue, hire HR’s seasoned sales team to develop and book business for your property. We develop a customized list of potential clients you desire for your venue. We uncover the opportunities within these companies or organizations and close the business for you. We work with your hotel to fill need dates and close business in the year for the year. We get the groups or BT accounts ready for a contract, your team produces the contract, we chase it down until it comes back signed.

Qualified Lead Development

If your sales force needs additional help in developing qualified leads, let HR do the heavy lifting so your team can close the deals. We develop a customized list of clients you would like for your property. We call and ask about their upcoming group or BT needs. Your team will receive the qualified lead if: (1) they have an upcoming event, (2) they are interested in your property or destination, and (3) would like to hear from someone on your team.

Sales Prospecting Training Workshops or Webinars

This is simply the best prospecting training provided in the industry. Several brands have adopted it over the years but the techniques and resources continually change. HR’s trainers teach sales and catering people how and where to find new clients. These are some of the Take-a-Ways from our training programs:

  • How to find events coming to your market before they book with a competitor.
  • How to find events by rate before you call them.
  • Learn how to find RFP’s coming to your market and bid on them.
  • Where to find corporate travelers coming to your market.
  • Industry search engines and websites.
  • Learn how to find extended stay business coming to your area.
  • This training is for novice sales people to sales experts, there is something for everyone.

Managed Sales Prospecting Competitions

Our training programs can be customized for a brand or management company that wants to focus on generating revenue companywide. Over a 12 week period, HR’s team develops an on-line customized Sales Competition for your company. We provide:

  • Your company will have a website customized for your program.
  • 7-8 Recorded webinars broken out by market segment.
  • Each hotel will have a database to record your leads each day.
  • Each participant develops 5 quality leads per day and records in an online database.
  • If you have sales people that need help making sales calls, we will set up 3-way sales calls and teach them how to sell.
  • If we see your team aren’t producing 5 leads per day, we are calling them and encouraging them to do the work.
  • If we have pushback from anyone on your team, we get help from management to keep everyone moving forward. 
  • By week 3, you will see contracts starting to come in.
  • Each hotel should close revenue if they are calling and working the leads they develop.
  • HR even provides the prizes for top winners!

Typical Results:
Company with 20+ hotels normally close $2M to $3M in new revenue in 3 months. This revenue is non-commissionable.

Database Cleansing and Qualifying

If you haven’t cleansed your database in the past 5 or more years, it’s time! HR can work in any database. We can cleanse your data to give your team a fresh database to prospect from or we can cleanse and qualify business to help pay for the program.

We understand cleansing data can be expensive, in order to give you the best possible price, we actually work in your database for FREE for 2 days to truly understand how we can save your company time and money prior to giving you a quote. We will do an incredible job for you and we are fast and affordable.

Please ask for a quote.

Sales Blitzes

The art of setting up a successful profitable sales blitz is a gift. HR’s team have become experts in setting up successful blitzes for our clients. We set qualified appointments so you know how much potential revenue you should have before you ever leave your hotel. If someone is interested in speaking with you but can’t meet with you during the blitz dates, we set up qualified phone appointments.

Please ask for quote.

Speaking – Lisa Barham – Sales Prospecting

Lisa Barham is a much sought after speaker in the hospitality industry. She is an expert in her field and created “Mining for Virtual Gold” which is now “Million $ Prospecting”. Lisa is known in the hospitality industry as the “Prospecting Guru” and has taught thousands of sales and catering people how to find new business using the Internet. She develops customized programs for management companies, brands, CVB’s and for industry events.

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